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 Spring 2023- Order/Shipping Information  


Please read this page before placing an order.


-We anticipate that Spring 2023 mail-orders will be accepted between:

October 1, 2022 and April 15, 2023.

We reserve the right to cease taking mail-orders once we reach our shipping capacity of 100 orders. Order early- we cannot guarantee we will be able to keep receiving orders right thru to the end of the above noted period.

-Shipping will commence no earlier then May 10, 2023 and is dependent on our weather here in Southwestern Ontario. We can not/do not ship until the foliage of  the plants in our display gardens emerges and/or unfurls. We recommend that customers in warmer climate zones (B.C.-including the Gulf Islands) take advantage of our new fall shipping schedule. 

- We aim to have all our mail-orders out to customers by July 10th. Every client's order is dependent on the specific varieties/species ordered and some varieties are slower to emerge than others. Please be patient with us during shipping...we want to ensure the plants we ship you are strong and healthy. We are an independent nursery and only able to process a certain number of orders each week.  Preparation of your order includes the following:

  • pulling your order from our potted inventory or digging a division from our display gardens. 
  • washing the soil off the roots of each plant you have ordered.
  • every garden division usually results in extra divisions needing to be divided and potted up. Each display plant we touch needs to be re-set and any missing soil replaced.
  • each plant needs it's roots wrapped in moist paper towel and then the paper towel is placed in a plastic bag. 
  • once the roots are wrapped we place the plant aside to allow for drying of all the foliage. Shipping the foliage wet will cause the leaves to mold/rot in shipment. 
  • once everything is dry the plants are "floral" wrapped in Kraft paper and then sealed and marked with the variety name.
  • once all the plants for the order are fully wrapped a box is prepared and the plants are carefully organized in the box. Packing also includes adding shredded paper to ensure the plants don't move around and the box is stable and less likely to be crushed in shipping.
  • each order is closed up and then measured and weighed. The shipping information is entered into the computer and the shipping label is printed.
  • each order is then picked up by the shipping company or we drop it off.


- We cannot stress enough the importance of registering and creating a password when you order thru our website (doing so will create a private customer portal). Please ensure that your registered e-mail is correct and that your order includes a phone number.

All correspondences regarding you order must be sent thru your customer portal so that we can respond to any concerns/questions you have in a timely matter.       

 By using your customer portal we can have all the pertinent information, including all mutual correspondence(s), in one place. 


 -Please note:

Items saved in your "Wish List" are not guaranteed to be available at a later check-out date.