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   Important Fall 2022 Shipping Details

 Hosta Choice Gardens is an Ontario based seasonal specialty nursery whose inventory and gardens are not forced early to ship to the masses. We regret that we cannot ship orders earlier to warmer areas of Canada. Please note that effective immediately we will only ship to B.C. in late September and early October (all foliage will be cut back).

All orders placed in August and September will be shipped with the hosta foliage fully cut back and the roots packed in slightly moist peat moss. Plants shipped will need to be planted upon arrival. Only order for Fall shipping if you can ensure that your order can be planted 30 days before a frost and/or ground freeze. 

 Note: All orders placed during this period will be shipped from our nursery between September 26th and October 9th. Arrival of shipments depends on your location and may take 7+ business days for the west and east coast areas. Foliage will be cut back during this Fall 2022 shipping period to just above the plants crown. Roots will be packed loosely in slightly moist peat moss.


  Fall 2022 Shipping Rates

(effective August 1, 2022 - September 28, 2022)



Province $10.00-$174.99 $175.00-$244.99 $245.00-$299.99 over $300.00 additional charge for every $100.00 (or portion of)
ONTARIO $33.00 + tax $38.00 + tax $43.00 + tax $5.00 + tax
MANITOBA  / QUEBEC $42.00 + tax $49.00 + tax $56.00 + tax $7.00 + tax
NEW BRUNSWICK $50.00 + tax $60.00 + tax $70.00 + tax $10.00 + tax
PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND $50.00 + tax $60.00 + tax $70.00 + tax $10.00 + tax
NOVA SCOTIA $50.00 + tax $60.00 + tax $70.00 + tax $10.00 + tax
NEWFOUNDLAND/LABRADOR Shipping not Available Shipping not Available Shipping not Available Shipping not Available
SASKATCHEWAN $54.00 + tax $63.00 + tax $72.00 + tax $9.00 + tax
ALBERTA $60.00 + tax $70.00 + tax $80.00 + tax $10.00 + tax
BRITISH COLUMBIA $60.00 + tax $70.00 + tax $80.00 + tax $10.00 + tax
USA Shipping not Available Shipping not Available Shipping not Available Shipping not Available


*Website (on-line) sales will open for Fall 2022 shipping shortly.


   Shipping live plants across Canada requires careful preparation and boxing. Shipping costs do not take into account the staff labour it takes to prepare your order prior to shipping (an average 6 plant order takes 1 hour to prepare).

We ship Canada Post- Expedited on all orders. 


 All hostas for Fall 2022 shipping are bare-rooted and have the roots placed in slightly moist peat moss. We use recycled shredded paper for packing...please open your package carefully in an area were the shredded paper can be easily cleaned up. We wrap and package our shipments so they will arrive to you ready to be planted...even if the plants are in transit for 7+ days. All leaves will be removed for Fall shipping.

Orders are not necessarily shipped in the order they are received. Orders are however pulled/reserved in the order that they are received. Hostas requiring digging and splitting will be dug just prior to shipping.