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  Notice to all our customers visiting our Display

Gardens and Retail Sales Location- Appin, Ontario

                                                  -Effective immediately-


We regret that effective January 1, 2020 we can no longer permit customers to bring their dogs with them on their visit to our display gardens and nursery. Arriving with your dog and leaving them in the car is also not permitted. 


 Service dogs are permitted with 2-3 hrs. advance notice of arrival.

 (Please speak to a staff member personally by telephone @ 519-289-5471)


 Hosta Choice Gardens is located on 50 acres of rural woodlands and farm land. It is our full-time residence which we share with a large number of outdoor cats as well as our dogs 'Mandy' and 'Otis'. Both our dogs (and the cats) are extremely friendly with adults and children and enjoy meeting our customers when they arrive. The dogs will come out and meet your car as you drive in....please slow down and be aware that they are probably going to be at your car door when you open it. If you have a fear of dogs (or would just prefer that they be inside during your visit) please stay in your car and honk your car horn to alert staff of your wishes. Give us a couple of minutes and we will ensure our dogs are locked in the house during your stay. Customers who are not comfortable around dogs are also welcome to give us advance notice (by phone) of their arrival and we can ensure our dogs are in the house well before their arrival. 

Our pets are not accustomed to having to share their home/property with outside pets. Both 'Mandy' and 'Otis' are not friendly with other dogs and for the safety of your dog(s) and the safety of our dogs we will strictly enforce a "No outside pets allowed" policy. We understand that this policy may create an inconvenience to those customers who don't like leaving their pets alone at home and we apologize in advance for having to implement this policy. However, the policy is in effect for the safety of the dogs (yours and ours) and the safety of you the customer. Signs are posted at the entrance of our driveway to remind you of this policy and also to remind you that our dogs may be outside when you arrive. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.