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2021 "Early Bird" Sale  


October 28 - December 15, 2020


Free Canada-wide shipping on all orders over $150.00* 


Free Canada-wide shipping and 15% off all orders over $250.00* 


Free Canada-wide shipping and 25% off all orders over $375.00*

* All discount levels are pre-tax. Orders must be paid upon check-out to qualify for discounts. Shipping will commence no earlier than May 15, 2021 with orders placed first being given priority. Due to weather and ground conditions (in Ontario) shipping may be delayed. Many hosta varieties are limited this season as a result of high sales levels in 2020... delays may occur if display bed divisions are required to be taken to complete your order. Please advise at ordering if you would prefer a June shipping. 

Please note: 

Items saved in your "Wish List" are not guaranteed to be available at a later check-out date.