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 Fall 2022

On-line / Shipping only Sale.

August 7th to September 28, 2022


20% off qualifying orders.


To qualify your on-line order must:


  • be a minimum of $200.00 before tax and sales discount.
  • be a maximum of $800.00 before tax and sales discount. A second order is required for customers wishing to purchase in excess of $800.00 before tax and sales discount.

As a purchaser you must agree to:


  • having your order shipped between September 26th & October 3rd (actual arrival at your door could be as late as October 10th depending on your shipping address). Please note: earlier/later shipping dates are not available. This sale is meant to correspond with our division digging schedule and our garden's seasonal clean-up.
  • receiving your order with the foliage removed. Some stalk will be left and an identification tag will be attached to the stalk for ensured identification when unpacked. Please do not order during this sale period if foliage cut-back is an issue.
  • receiving a fresh garden division if potted inventory has been sold out.
  • planting your order in a timely manner well before your location's expected first frost. We suggest you order only if you can have the hosta(s) planted in the ground for three weeks prior to frost and/or a freeze. Plant roots will be shipped in slightly moist peat moss..do not store your plants until Spring (they must be planted in your garden). 
  • when ever possible to provide a note with your order that specifies any possible substitutions should any of your varieties be unavailable at the time of ordering.