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At our nursery, we like to make choosing hostas easy for you.

Once you park your car in our large parking area we invite you to grab a coffee and clipboard and then casually walk thru the display gardens. In 2022 we will have over 1900 hosta varieties on display- from mature specimens to some of the newest introductions. The main purpose of the display gardens is so you can see for yourself what size, shape and colour your hosta choices will become in a garden setting. Very often young hostas will change appearance dramatically as they mature so it's nice to have the ability to view mature plants whenever possible. Not all the plants in our garden will be mature specimens and therefore each display plant will also be marked with that specific varieties mature growth height and spread. This will provide you with an idea of what size the plant will eventually become when it matures. Regretfully, not all varieties on display are available to purchase so always add extras to your list and circle your top picks. Once you have viewed the display gardens you can make your way to the shade-houses were we have our available hosta varieties (over 1200 varieties to start 2022) displayed alphabetically. As well as hostas we carry a small selection of helleborus and mangaves which are located for viewing just outside of our shade-houses.