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Hi Glenn, It is Linda from Stonewall Manitoba. I am the customer who ordered all those pesky ‘Bitsy Gold’ that you searched so hard to find. Thank you again. I also want to sing your praises for the fabulous packing job you or a staff member did. I have never seen plants packaged so carefully, it was amazing! Linda Stonewall, Manitoba
Hi Glenn, My hostas arrived a couple of days ago, robust green plants. They are potted up and living in the shaded greenhouse for the next month. Thanks for the extra one. It has found a good home. I will recommend you to my gardening friends. All the best, Robin
Hi Glenn, They (the hostas) arrived this morning in wonderful shape. You did a perfect job of packing. They don't seem stressed at all and since we are having a cool day I think I will go ahead and plant those that I know where they are going into the ground rather than keep them in pots for a while as a often do. Myrle T. Canoe, B.C.
Glenn, Thanks so much for the latest treasures that just arrived! As usual, they look fantastic and what a great surprise to find the little extra something that you tucked in as well. That is very thoughtful and I'll make sure it has a special home found for it!! As is our tradition now, my friend and I potted up the new arrivals in my potting house with the celebratory champagne. I guess you could say we got "potted" in the potting house. It's all great fun. All the best to you, Delphia J. Vancouver, B.C.
Hi Glenn, The hostas are all planted (with lots of compost), watered in & mulched. I was absolutely delighted with the big, beautiful, healthy plants you sent me. They were well packed & arrived in perfect condition. I wasn't sure if I would like the 'Cherry Tomato', but I love it! It's something I would never have ordered on my own, & I had the perfect spot for it. Thanks for everything, Jeaniene S.
Hey Glenn, my husband picked up the hostas on his way home from work yesterday. They are absolutely beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!! They were perfect. Looked just like you had taken them out of the ground and dropped them off personally. Thanks ever so much. I just love them all. When I unpacked them, I put them in a bucket of water for about an hour and then planted them. We had rain all night and it is suppose to rain again today (what else is new !!) so that will help them settle into their new home. As I say though, they sure didn't look like they had traveled. Thanks again Glenn, you are great. By the way, do you have any hints to deal with slugs and snails? I put down bait but was wondering if there were any other tricks that you might know of to control the darn things. Judy B
Glenn, So sorry I missed you last evening but I had a last-minute surprise errand to run. I had not checked my e-mail after 3pm so I missed your message until this morning. I really wanted to meet you and have a chat. Oh well, another time. I can't begin to tell you how very pleased I am with the plants and with your service. And thank you for the extra Blue Hawaii. That was very considerate of you, though the one would have been quite acceptable. I have poured over them all day - a different favourite every hour! Now I need to consider carefully the planting layout to show off the individual beauties of each plant. Really, Glenn, you stand head and shoulders above every dealer I've dealt with, and you'll be getting a lot of recommendations from me, for sure. Gratefully, John L. Toronto, Ontario